My Cat is a Serial Killer

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Apr 4, 2017

George adjusts his glasses as he finishes making the final preparations around his home for the party. The house is modest, two stories, spacious but cozy. Several pictures line the walls, mostly of George and his mother. He walks to a shelf full of old, yet dust-less cassette tapes and goes straight for one in particular. He pops it in the tape deck, closes his eyes and smiles. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” pulses to life over the stereo.

George slides into the kitchen and straightens the dining room table cloth. He stacks red cups in perfectly even rows for his soon-to-be party guests. Dishes are nicely put out with various cookies, snacks and salsas. Four different kinds of salsas. George struts to the punch bowl, dipping his finger in to taste; it’s perfect. Yes, this is the type of party with a punch bowl.