Hey Good Lookin, Yes You

by , on
Apr 18, 2017

One day, Kenny was making breakfast. He finally had a good night’s sleep behind him and was ready to take on the day. It was a big day, the biggest of his life. Kenny walked by his pet dog, Bosco, a fat french bulldog. He gave him a scratch behind the ears before heading to the fridge to retrieve his morning eggs. Oh-Hey there, I didn’t see you. Yes, you, reading this. Hi! Wow, what beautiful eyes, following along these words. “Hey no, what are you doing-“ , Kenny asked, seemingly distracted. You know what, don’t worry about Kenny. Anyway, are you enjoying the story so far? It’s ok I guess. But let’s talk about you.

What brought you hear today? “Hello?!”, Kenny was looking around, it’s not important. “This is my story, you’re supposed to be narrating, pay attention to-“ .