The Light Inside

by , on
Feb 14, 2017

How do you go about describing something that is indescribable? Metaphors? Describing its results? Everyone has their own interpretation, but most of them evoke similar feelings. This is not meant to read as an authority on the subject nor is it instruction on how to overcome its effects. This is only an attempt to put into words something that is so universally felt yet so difficult to define. Heartbreak is unavoidable, which seems to make it all the more tragic and unfair. People can try their hardest to evade its reach but avoiding it is no way to live. A life lived without giving your heart, is worse than one in which you have it broken a million times. Giving your heart to someone is like handing someone your only parachute, hurling yourself headfirst out of an airplane, and hoping they give it back (let the metaphors begin). So, what happens when you get your parachute back and it’s torn to shreds? You hit the ground.