I Asked the Internet: When is the Moment that You Truly Become an Adult? Here’s What They Said…

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Jan 24, 2018

Never! Everyone just pretends.

When you learn to think about other’s needs, not just your own.

When you are able to recognize that your emotions are getting the better of you. You can be rich, healthy, and old, but if you act like a child because your emotions overruled logic and responsibility, then you are no adult.

When your shit stinks up the bathroom as bad as your father’s.

When you stop wondering what you’re going to get from everybody for Christmas and start wondering what you’re going to get everybody for Christmas.

100 Million Volts

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Jan 18, 2018

To say not knowing what to do with your life is scary, would be a disservice to the word “understatement”.

I often find myself in this weird, almost flirtatious relationship with my passions. I know what I’m attracted to, but I’m not always attracted to do it. The inspiration will come in waves, so strong that it’s all I can think about. It’s exciting and incredibly motivating. But then the light will turn green, the water in the shower will go cold, or my boss will tell me to get back to work. Passion has a nasty habit of striking at the most inconvenient times.

This cycle of capturing inspiration, then losing its direction is so frustrating. After enough of these “cycles”, you begin to question if it’s even worth pursuing.

Roadblocks & Waterfalls: Big Sur, California

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Jan 4, 2018

December 15th, 2017

Seven hours. Seven hours we drove from the comforting buzz of suburbia up the California coast. Two hours of which were spent slogging through Los Angeles freeways in the thick of rush hour. It was night time before we were able to leave the city.

Chatting passed the time, as there was little to look at beyond headlights behind us and the whale-like semi-trucks we passed. Eventually we exit the highway, wandering into unknown territory. A narrow, two-lane road through what seemed like endless rows of an orchard. It was somewhat eerie, only making out the passing lines of trees that the headlights illuminated, but knowing the labyrinth that laid beyond. There would be no charity for hitchhikers here.

Finally, we reached the coast. Backs sore, Spotify-exhausted, and out of politics to discuss, we began the treacherous drive along PCH, just south of Big Sur.

I Asked the Internet What We Shouldn’t Be So Quick to Grow Out of. Here’s What They Said…

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Dec 13, 2017

Last time I asked the internet what never failed to make them smile. This time, I asked Reddit to share some things we shouldn’t be so quick to grow out of…



Reading books for pleasure

Stuffed animals

Playfulness and imagination

The Last View

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Nov 14, 2017


” Hi Hun,

Just checking in. How did the flight go? Did they serve peanuts? I miss you terribly, but am so proud of you and what you’re doing. Write back soon.



The moon is a lonely place to live. After 6 months, it’s a really lonely place to live. The man was trained to be an astronaut, but they never trained him how to deal with being the only living thing for 750 million miles in every direction.

The Clarity of Being Unhappy

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Nov 9, 2017

Why is it that we seem to see things most clearly when we’re at our lowest? Is it a survival instinct, like some sort of emotional adrenaline when we need to get ourselves out of a rut? Or is it only when we’re at our worst, that we have the perspective necessary to see what needs to be changed at the most basic (and therefore clearest) level?

In regards to personal fulfillment, I believe these moments of clarity act as “bumpers” to life’s bowling alley. When we are feeling unfulfilled, unhappy or depressed, there is usually (hopefully) a very strong want. To feel better, to perform better, to reach someone, to be happy.