Finders Keepers

I find comfort when I feel invisible

I feel sadness when I feel unseen

I find confusion if I think about that for too long

I find irrational anger when people don’t use their turn signals

I find peace by the ocean, especially outside of summer

I find it takes more effort than usual to be happy

I find myself disappointed in the world around me

I find that most people are performers too afraid to break from the script

I find 29 to be an isolating number

I find that when I don’t feel heard I pull away even more

I find beauty in the uncanny

I find parking spots too easily and I don’t know why

I find creativity in the least convenient hours of the night

I find it a little too easy to blame myself

I find not much in common with other men

I find warmth in old music

I find it difficult to make mistakes in ink

I find myself in her

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