Journae Adventurus

– common names; “Travel Bug”, “Wanderlust”, “Fresh Air Fever”


Severe distraction from work, wandering mind, elevated levels of risk-taking and curiosity, morosely staring out the window.


Extended periods of time spent indoors, unstimulated creativity, insufficient levels of fresh air, high levels of laptop exposure.


At this time, the only effective treatment for Journae Adventurus is immediate and prolonged exposure to nature and the outdoors. Trials for alternative therapies such as viewing photos and “taking a walk to the local park” have so far proven ineffective. Experts suggest those afflicted seek “Euphoric Zones“; areas of natural beauty.

Euphoric Zones include:

  • Areas of majesty
  • Areas of splendor
  • Areas of peace

Though electing to forego treatment will not harm you, symptoms may worsen if not allowed to explore the wilderness freely.

Disclaimer: Every patient is different and what works for one person may not work for another.

The most common treatment areas for Journae Adventurus include:

  • Glorious Mountains
  • Lush Forests
  • Sprawling Oceans
  • Serene Lakes
  • Enigmatic Deserts

If you or a loved one is experiencing the alarming symptoms of Journae Adventurus, please get to the nearest national park or one one of the above mentioned treatment areas as soon as possible.

Journae Adventurus is highly contagious, especially to those with an existing predisposition to wandering, traipsing, meandering, roaming, strolling, scrambling, hiking, and/or moseying.

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