I am a fly on the wall

A fly for ya’ll standing one inch tall

And on this wall I hear your buzzings

The things that you say, all your goings and comings

People see a fly, they don’t bat an eye

They don’t stop to wonder how, what, when, or why

A bug like me would spend his life to see

Humans living life absentmindedly


28 days, we’ll see if I can

Make the most outta this pint-sized lifespan

When your bills come due, this fly is through

Assuming I aint prematurely glued


Wait a second, this aint hardly fair or right

A month? Moths live longer and they fly towards the light

Fuck this, Imma be the first fly to live on

Buzzin’ on your fruit, going 40 days strong


Try to catch me if you can, on your wall I’m a dot

You know I wont stop flying till’ I’m shot, stabbed or swat

Forget all the bees, all the moths, and the beetles

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-naw, this fly won’t have a sequel


Don’t bat your hand at me little human, say my name

The only shooin’ I’ll be doin’ is the shoo-in for the fame

I’m gonna get, it won’t be long so don’t forget

The buzz is in the air, and I’m done eating your shit


Because that’s who I am, a small fry wall fly

Million-eyed wise guy, forget this game of I Spy

I may be smaller than half of a half dollar

But I’m coming at you fast like a tiny stealth bomber


“Shoo fly don’t bother you?” Don’t bother me!

This one’s for free, I’m gonna make you my flea

I’m fluent in manure and you’re shit out of luck

This fly’s time flies and your time is up

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