In a past life, I think I was a pioneer or an astronaut. While there is admittedly something intimidating about the unknown, there also resides something inviting. A pull for those with a curious mind or a penchant for risk. Perhaps it is simply born of restlessness and boredom, perhaps it’s something more innate. So much of what we take granted every day can be attributed to discovery. It’s the answers scientists strive for, the uncharted destinations early settlers dream about, the moment you and a stranger find out you have something in common.

Too many people float through life content with discoveries of happenstance. Then there are those who thrive on uncovering these treasures. Sometimes it may even be the act of finding something more than what it is you’re finding. Now, I am not implying myself to be a burly frontiersman on the edge of constant adventure (though you can’t stop me from daydreaming that I am), but the attraction to exploring new places is something I have found myself experiencing more and more as I get older.

Discovery is crack for the curious mind. It’s motivation to see something different or learn something new. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Discovery is what keeps life fresh and unpredictable. It is medicine for the mundane. To discover is to add a new perspective, gain appreciation, become more cultured. It is an active experience where you always come out with more than you started. Having a net-positive activity, whether that be reading, hiking, learning an instrument, or putting yourself out there to meet new people, is something more ought to prioritize.

I truly believe inside all of us, there is a compass pointing towards something. Some people are lucky enough to know what it’s pointing at from the start. Many people simply wander in the right direction. But I do believe that drive is there.¬† Everyone has a “true north” and it is up to us whether or not to act on it.

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