I believe the purpose of education is to open the minds of those receptive to knowledge. To arm individuals with the information necessary to form their own beliefs and opinions. To gain perspective and understanding of the world in which we live.

Though there are different facets of intelligence (social, emotional, etc.), in a traditional sense I believe an educated person is someone who acts on logic. Someone who can see multiple points of view. An educated person spends time collecting facts before forming judgments or opinions.

I believe the purpose of schooling is to open the minds of the next generation. Schooling should work with students, not against them to help them realize their passion.

I believe the following subjects/topics/ideas should be taught in school:

History– It is important to learn from our mistakes or we are doomed to repeat them. It’s important to know where we came from.

Fine Arts– A criminally underrepresented collection of subjects that unlocks creativity and serves as an outlet for new ideas.

Math– Even as someone who was never proficient in math, I can recognize the practical application of basic arithmetic in daily life. Not to mention math is a cornerstone for some of the brightest minds behind some of the world’s greatest achievements. On a smaller scale, a higher emphasis on personal finance would’ve been very helpful.

Our Natural Planet/Certain Sciences– Children and teenagers should be exposed to nature from a young age to properly appreciate our home. This would instill care and appreciation for the outdoors while teaching self-reliance.

Mental Wellness– Learning to take care of your self-esteem and emotional balance. Strategies for dealing with stress, relationships, anxiety, and grief. We would be less blindsided later on when these issues inevitably show up.

Students should be taught in whichever way they learn best. This is idealistic, however it must be understood that everyone learns differently. Students should be taught with patience.

I believe schools can improve society by continuing to usher in the next generation of well-rounded, open-minded, and passionate people. If we are taught to self-realize our passions early, we will achieve true happiness. True happiness is contagious to society.

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