Never! Everyone just pretends.

When you learn to think about other’s needs, not just your own.

When you are able to recognize that your emotions are getting the better of you. You can be rich, healthy, and old, but if you act like a child because your emotions overruled logic and responsibility, then you are no adult.

When your shit stinks up the bathroom as bad as your father’s.

When you stop wondering what you’re going to get from everybody for Christmas and start wondering what you’re going to get everybody for Christmas.

When you have to fill out paperwork on your own, for like, everything.

When you need house Advil and purse Advil.

Thinking to yourself, ” I really don’t need to go out to eat, I have food at home.”

When you and your friends no longer brag about how drunk you got last night, or how many chicks you banged but instead get excited about 401(k) match percentages from your employers.

Learning you can’t always get what you want and handling it with composure.


When you realize how stupid teenagers are, and how the younger generation is ruining society.

^ No it’s later than that, when you realize that you were a teenager once, and did silly things. That’s when you realize they will turn out ok, and that they aren’t ruining society, they just act differently to how you do.

Socks are your favorite gift to receive.

At some point between you thinking you are an adult, and realizing you haven’t a fucking clue.

Having kids.

Never. Literally never.

The moment you realize you are an adult is when you become consistent with your word and selfless with your actions.

When you get excited about buying a new vacuum.

I would say when people are 25 years old, as that is when a person’s brain is fully developed.

I am nearly thirty, looking for a house to buy with my long-term partner, pay into my pension pot and invested in stocks and shares. I also play dress-up, run round the house pretending to be a dinosaur, and build spaceships with Lego. Adulting doesn’t have to be a permanent thing 🙂

The Reddit answer: You never truly become an adult, we’re all just big kids who have no clue of what we’re doing in our own lives, blah blah blah.

The actual answer: When you develop a sense of responsibility for your own life and become self-sufficient.

When you can support yourself.

I always thought it was when you took responsibility for somebody else.

Over the course of the years I’ve learned that there are no adults, just overgrown teenagers.

When your parents are dead.

When you realize the dog from Air Bud is dead

Never… You can be mature, but you can still be immature too. Just gotta learn when and where.

When you outgrow the narcissism and look outward rather than inward.

When you have to pay for things you hate.

Legally: when you turn 18.
Socially: when you have your shit together enough for people to recognize you as an adult.

When you know the difference between needs and wants.

When you no longer have to ask that question.


Consensus: No one has a fucking clue.


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