Last time I asked the internet what never failed to make them smile. This time, I asked Reddit to share some things we shouldn’t be so quick to grow out of…



Reading books for pleasure

Stuffed animals

Playfulness and imagination

Learning. I feel like a lot of people get to an age where they think it’s socially unacceptable or too trying on their “old” brain to take a course, class, new degree or learn a new hobby, and that bums me out because people should never feel like they’re too old for learning and if I make it to 70 and want to learn how to ride a motorcycle or code, why let age stop me?

Cartoons and marshmallow cereal

Being silly. Life is too serious and filled with stressful moments. Remember to be silly and stop putting pressure on yourself at all times!

Dancing around in your PJ’s

Childlike wonder



Flicking those spring type door stops.  …brwwingggg-ggg

Laughing at other’s misfortune

Breakfast for dinner

Dinner for breakfast

Chicken strips


Watching monster trucks

Farting being funny

Bursting bubbles on bubblewrap

High fives

Change, growth, and improvement


Animated films

Assuming that people are generally nice. Kids have an innocent view of the world, and everyone is a good person in their eyes (for the most part).



Riding a bike


A love for life / finding life exciting

Being read to. That shits the best.

Playing sports

The willingness to be silly. I can’t even begin to count the number of people who stare when I scooter on grocery carts.


Consensus: You’re never too old to be goofy!


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