Last time I asked the internet what love meant to them. This time, I asked Reddit what makes them smile every time. These are some of the best responses I got 🙂



Children Falling.

Being able to hug someone after not seeing them for a long time and cuddles.

My son. It doesn’t matter how grumpy or sick I’m feeling, ask me about my son and you’ll get my biggest genuine smile. I love that kid so much, he’s just the best!

Sometimes at work, my FWB will sneakily pat my ass. I always chuckle and his cheeky (pun absolutely intended) smile never ceases to make me grin.

Hugs from my kids.

Fart noises.

The baby squirrels from the local park.

Sleeping otters holding paws.

Baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper


Watching my dog run around the yard. The joy on her face makes any grumpy mood vanish.

Karma, comeuppance, and just desserts always make me happy.

Seeing my wife, even if it’s from a distance. She just has that effect on me.

When people do something silly or clumsy and remind me that nobody is perfect. Sometimes they think I am laughing at them, but it just makes me happy that I’m not the only one that makes little mistakes.

WTF Parrot

As someone who has been single for a long time, I feel happy when I see any guy in relationships. I don’t want anyone to be single and suffer like me. Just watching couples, young or old, holding hands or simply walking together makes me smile.

Service dogs. They’re such good boys.

Feeling a bite while fishing.

A good fart.

The Meatloaf 

Anonymous Responses

Babies. Doesn’t matter if they are human or animal babies.

Bar hopping with my friends, I’m a friendly drunk.

Movies with Lesley Neeson.

Other people’s smiles.


Consensus: Farting is Objectively Funny


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