I recently decided to do a little social experiment and get some perspective on what love meant, depending on who you ask. I asked Reddit to describe what love was to them using only one sentence, open to any interpretation.

The results made my day. All different, yet all the same. These are all actual, word for word responses. Enjoy.

Women’s Responses

Love is unconditional.

Love is tolerance.

Putting their needs above your own.

Love is just a word; when two people agree upon what it means to them, then that respect and honor of that respect, is what love becomes.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

The ill necessity for each other.

Not giving up when the going gets tough.

Sticking with me through the good times and the bad.

Love is accepting someone as they are simultaneously allowing them to become whatever they shall be.

It’s the fuel of my life and motivation.

Both putting each other first.

Knowing where you’re going and finding someone heading the same way.

Love does not take any days off.

Love is unending support, constantly striving to understand and respect, regardless of any and all obstacles.

The absence of fear.

“Life is a long conversation and love is a call that never ends.”

Love is the best and worst chemical reaction, our own bodies literally scheme against us or cheer us on.

Love is the common thread between soul(s) containing respect, admiration, and undying passion.

Wanting to see each other do well in life.

When I have to choose between them being happy and me being happy it is an extremely difficult decision.

Love is friendship lit on fire.

Men’s Responses

A silly word.

Taking a step beyond the platitudes of “treating others how you’d like to be treated” and going for “treating others how you’d like to be treated if you were them and lived the life they do.

Feeling the same love back from the subject of your affection.

Nothing she can do will make me think less of her.

An intense liking.


I was packing up to head home (6 hour journey), she folded all my clothes and towels and packed them away neatly.

Buying me truck parts.


Cuddly puppies.

When her wants and comfort become genuine priorities in my life.

Sharing fries.

A feeling I don’t deserve.

Doing things to make her happy isn’t a chore, it’s an invitation.

The emotional equivalent of sharing the biggest and best secret in the world with someone else.


A dog; You could be a complete dick and your dog would still love you.

Baby don’t hurt me. (Admittedly, I had this one coming)

Anonymous Responses

Understanding someone thoroughly and still enjoying who they are.

When another’s happiness is vital to your own.

Acceptance, appreciation, and loyalty.

Not only enjoying an intimate relationship with someone else, but generally enjoying being around them and willing to make sacrifices for them.

Baby don’t hurt me. (yes, again)

Caring about a person being happy now, and being happier in the future.

Reciprocated goodwill.

When she makes you happy when you are sad.


Consensus: Love is Universal 


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