There’s something to be said for wanting to be better. Not just thinking positively, anyone can do that. It’s painless to tell yourself nice things. It’s a different story to actually want to improve. Bettering yourself through personal growth is a beast and one that can be interpreted in almost any way:

  • Physical Injury
  • Emotional Harm
  • Improving a Skill
  • Bettering Relationships
  • Recovering from Losing Someone

No matter how hopeless your situation may seem, if the want is there, you have something. Don’t depend on others to help you. It’s great to have a support system, but no one can help you if you at first aren’t willing to help yourself. Before you ask yourself any of these questions, your only prerequisite is the want.

1. How Did I Get Here?

Literally, what were the events that led you to where you are currently at? Alternatively, if you are bettering something you are already good at, what have you been doing to get yourself this far?

2. What Do I Want?

Can be irrational, impossible, or ridiculous. Obviously getting better is the goal, but take a moment and write down exactly what you want. Be as straight forward and brutally honest as possible. This is more of a gut feeling than a choice.

3. What Do I Need?

This may be difficult to separate from the previous answer. Sometimes it’s the same answer, but often times it is going to deal with accepting something that you may be avoiding. Take as much time as you can deciding on what the answer to this question is, if possible.

4. Why Do I Need it?

If you don’t know why you need something, you don’t really need it. Even if you may know from the get-go, remind yourself why.

5. What is Step 1?

That’s it, don’t even think about step 2. What is the very first thing you must do to get better? Even if it’s something as trivial as getting out of bed. Focus on that, then take the next steps as they come, one at a time. If nothing else, personal growth takes patience.


After that, I have no idea. Something good will find you, have faith.


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